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Choose the Right Assisted Living

How do I choose the right Assisted Living Community?

Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care in South Jordan would like to introduce the SAL Satisfaction Surety Program. At SAL Management Group (Local company that manages the operations of Riverway Assisted Living) we understand the importance and difficulty of choosing the right assisted living for your loved one. At times, there are a lot of unknowns and hesitations with making such an important decision.

To make your decision easier and to reassure you that a SAL Managed Assisted Living community is the right place, we have developed the “SAL Satisfaction Surety” program committing to you the following: If you move into a SAL Managed Assisted Living Community and within the first 30 days, you are not satisfied with our care and services then you can move out without being required to give a 30 day notice and receive a full refund*. At SAL Management Group, we want you to know that you have chosen the right assisted living community and we look forward to serving you for a long time. *Refund applies to base monthly fee only. Move in fee, level of care not refunded.

Please contact Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care for availability and more information.

801-282-3711. 1352 West 11400 South, South Jordan, Utah 84095

Learn More at http://www.riverwayassistedliving.com/services

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Ten Signs Your Loved One May Need Assisted Living

Top Ten Signs Your Loved One May Need Assisted LivingTop Ten Signs for Assisted Living

Deciding to move your loved one into Assisted Living can be challenging. To help you determine what is best for your loved one, we have worked with our professional staff members, family members and residents to come up with several signs that we have seen that could help determine if Assisted Living is right for you.  Here are The Top Ten Signs Your Loved One May Need Assisted Living.

  • -Simple tasks are becoming more difficult brushing teeth, bathing, combing hair, etc.)
  • -Medication errors are happening (forgetting to take their medications or taking too many)
  • -Less mobility, falling more often, unknown skin tears and bruises
  • -Weight loss and/or lack of appetite
  • -Disorganization is more noticeable
  • -Loneliness and signs of depression
  • -No longer able to drive
  • Lack of interest and motivation
  • Forgetting more than usual
  • Personal appearance and hygiene is lacking

It is important to recognize these signs early and to talk with your loved one about the possibility of Assisted Living. If you wait too long, injuries may occur and you may need additional, more expensive care than Assisted Living. Many times, loved ones don’t understand or have a misconception of what Assisted Living is, what we offer and the home-like environment that we provide. Please encourage your loved one to come and visit our community so he/she can see what we provide. With 3 home-cooked meals a day, medication administration, assistance with showering, dressing and personal care, 24 hour caregivers, private apartments and bathrooms, engaged activities and socialization, we have seen residents ABSOLUTELY THRIVE after moving into our community.

Before making a decision, we welcome you and your loved one to visit our community. We’ll be happy to show you what life in Assisted Living is all about.

Please call Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care at 801-282-3711 or stop by at 1352 West 11400 South, South Jordan, Utah 84095.

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Aid & Attendance for Assisted Living.

In preparation of moving my grandpa into Our House Assisted Living of Ogden (a sister company of Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care of South Jordan) we knew there was some kind of benefit for veterans in assisted living but we didn’t understand the process or the details.  We did some research and found the US Department of Veterans Affairs website.  The Aid & Attendance for Assisted Living may be added to your monthly pension if you meet one of the following conditions:

– You require the aid of another person in order to perform personal functions required in everyday living, such as bathing, feeding, dressing, attending to wants of nature, adjusting prosthetic devices, or protecting yourself from the hazards of your daily environment.

-You are bedridden, in that your disability or disabilities requires that you remain in bed apart from any prescribed course of convalescence or treatment.

-You are a patient in a nursing home due to mental or physical incapacity.

-Your eyesight is limited to a corrected 5/200 visual acuity or less in both eyes; or concentric contraction of the visual field to 5 degrees or less

Eligibility which we found on Wikipedia included:

Someone is generally eligible for veteran’s pension if he or she

Was not discharged for dishonorable reasons; and,
Served 90 days of active military duty; and,
Served at least one day during wartime; and,
Had countable family income below a certain yearly limit; and,
Is age 65 years or older; or Regardless of age is permanently disabled, not due to willful misconduct.

My grandpa signed up for the army in 1942 at the age of 19 years old.  He left for basic training to Camp Roberts.  In December of 1943 he went South across the Equator to New Caledonia Island.  My grandpa was trained in wire and phone communications.  It was there that he received a telegram that his son Dale was born in January 1944.  It would be more than 2 years before he would be able to see his son for the first time.  He was then put on ship to New Zealand  and was assigned to the 43rd division.  On September 8, 1945 my grandpa was on a ship to Japan Main Land, but while the convoy moved North towards Japan the Air Force dropped the atomic bomb.  The Japanese surrendered.  How lucky he was.  He told me that sometimes he thinks about if the atomic bomb wasn’t dropped then he probably wouldn’t be alive. One September 13, 1945 my grandpa and his division were the first to go in after the Japanese surrendered.  My grandpa came home on October 18, 1945 to see his wife and son.

We also talked to the administration of Our House Assisted Living because we felt like my grandpa would qualify because he needed assistance with everyday activities. They suggested to call Utah Senior Planning.  They had us a gather few documents like discharge papers, marriage certificate, financial information.  Then Our House provided a service plan, nurse and doctor assessment, and the service agreement that included the monthly fee at the assisted living community.  Senior Planning told us that it could take a few months to receive the benefit.  After about 6 months we received notice that my grandpa would receive $1794.00 a month to pay for assisted living.

With my grandpa’s social security and Veteran’s benefit he can now cover the costs of living at Our House Assisted Living of Ogden without having to dip into his small savings account each month.  He has his own apartment with plenty of room, 3 meals a day, multiple activities throughout the day to attend to, new relationships with other residents and staff members.  My family and I can visit him anytime we like and he told me just a few weeks ago that he is happy.  Assisted Living has been great for my grandpa and our family.  At first he was hesitant and said that he didn’t want to move into a place with a lot of old people.  He was a young 92 years old when he moved in.  He is now 94 and we just celebrated Christmas with him.  Even though he have to shout at the top of your lungs for him to hear you we sure enjoy seeing him and we hope he is around for many years to come.

Nate Boswell

SAL Management Group



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What you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s

At Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care of South Jordan, we have 18 apartments that are dedicated to caring for residents with Alzheimer’s care.  Its a devastating disease and our caregivers are specially trained to care for our residents that suffer from Alzheimer’s.

You may have heard that Alzheimer’s is hereditary and there isn’t much we can do about it.  However, according to this TED Talk by Lisa Genova there are many things we can do to prevent Alzheimer’s.  Lisa is the author of “Still Alice“. Please take a few minutes to watch this video to find out what we can do to build an Alzheimer’s resistant brain.

Thank you

Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care of South Jordan



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Signs of Dementia

Signs of Dementia

What are the early Signs of Dementia?  What can I do about it?  How can I help my loved?  These are questions that we get asked on a daily basis at Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care in South Jordan Utah.  We want to be able to help your loved one before it gets to be to late.  Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care has Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) that have been trained how to assist with those who are suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The early signs of dementia are most often subtle and may not be obvious us.Signs of Dementia
  • Memory loss
  • Struggles of day-to-day function.
  • Difficulty performing familiar tasks.
  • Confusion about time and place.
  • Difficulty with language.
  • Problems with abstract thinking.
  • Poor or decreased judgment.
  • Start to consistently misplace things.

Signs of DementiaThere are a few treatments that you can talk to your doctor about to help slow down the progression of dementia. They have not found a cure for dementia yet.  Once you have been diagnosed with dementia or loved one has.  This is a good time to start looking at options and what can be done in the future.  This will give you the ability to look at multiple communities that offer assistance with dementia or Alzheimer’s in their Memory Care Communities.  This way you will be able to see what is offered and not feel like it has to be a rushed decision, or something that has to be done tomorrow.  You want to make sure you find something that works best for everyone.

Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care has a variety of different apartments to accommodate every possible need.  We have studio’s, one bedrooms and shared apartments for you to chose from.  Our community is setup to allow for a home like and very open environment.  Giving each resident the comforts of home and the ability to keep as much independents as possible.

At Riverway Assisted Living and Memory Care we offer 3 meals a day with an always available menu for our residents.  We also have activities going on every hour to get those mental, physical and cognitive faculties working.

Take the time to look into what is offered to help your loved one and what can be done to help them and yourself

through this difficult disease.

Signs of Dementia

You can go to www.alz.org to read more about the options and treatments that may be available in your area.



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